About us

Sylvias Basket is a farm based in Limuru, committed to providing fresh organic vegetables to its customers.Think about it, by the time you buy vegetables in the market,  that food has been mishandled in the worst possible way.  From untraceable source, use of unknown pesticides to rough packing and unhygienic handling. In addition you can be sure that the vegetables are at least 3 days old by the time you serve them up to your family.

Sylvias Basket is committed to providing fresh organic vegetables, served up to your kitchen within 24hrs of harvest. We only use certified, safe, biological pesticides when absolutely necessary thus ensuring the food we provide is healthy and wholesome. We endevour to save you time by making your ordering process hustle free and bring convenience to ordinary food shopping. All the food we provide can be traced to our farm in Limuru and customers are welcome to visit and certify the source of their daily nutrition.

We promise to offer you healthy vegetables, freshly harvested, convenient at your doorstep.